Sunday, March 05, 2017

testing on a very cold wintry almost spring Sunday

Hope you enjoy this trying something new to see if copying music from Youtube will play on my blog (or web site) I thought it would be inspiring for when I am working on my art journaling workshop - Embrace Yourself with Misty Mawn. Well as you can see it did not!

Here are a couple of journal backgrounds I did to be ready for the journal lessons.

This one of the lessons about writing and learning about yourself - going through each letter of the alphabet and choosing words that best describe yourself and positive /negative space with the art journal page. I started out with each letter being a negative adjective! so I had to work on looking at myself in a positive light or maybe what I would like to work towards being.

Today I will be working on the next lesson and I AM going to finish the papier mache and a base coat of paint on the  cardboard doll house.

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