Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Pink Bedroom-Cardboard Dollhouse

I started making the furniture from cardboard cut from boxes that I had saved from my kitchen. I found that some cardboard boxes were thicker than others and chose the thicker ones. Milk bone dog biscuits and club cracker boxes were good. I also used small boxes for shapes like little jewelry boxes and soap boxes. You'll be amazed what you'll find once you're looking. Then I glued parts together and taped with masking tape. Next came thin layers of papier mache.

I crocheted a rug from thin cotton yarn and also crocheted blankets for all the beds.
Paint came after they were all shaped. I then added details with a bottle of plastic paint, gems to decorate and beads for handles.

Had a little tough time with the posters/legs for the bed. They kept pulling away from the cardboard after they had been glued so I decided to use something flatter. Instead of sticks I used popscicle sticks to have a wider surface to adhere.

 Closet with opening doors and a pull out drawer.
Vanity with real mirror and pull out drawer. Stool is a plastic cap decoupaged with fabric.

More rooms to come...!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Come in to my dollhouse

And now some rooms and furniture inside the dollhouse. First come into the kitchen.

Close up of interior - window, shelf above window, clock, ceiling light and wall and floor tile.

 Pictorial steps of constructing the kitchen appliances.

Finished appliances.

Table and chairs - there are 4 chairs. Chairs made from pudding cups and a very small box cut to fit height. Table made from a sewing thread spool, a cap glued on the bottom and a cardboard circle top with cut flowers from a punch cutter to decorate.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Inside the doll house

Looking inside the doll house

The first pictures are when I was starting to do the interior rooms - walls and floors.

Finished interiors with furniture. All furniture made from cardboard, papier mache and sometimes little pieces from packaging like a jelly container for the kitchen sink.
There's a wagon and a metal bicycle that I found-literally on the ground - and a tiny bird cage I made from wire and cardboard then added a bead in the shape of a bird perched on a long bead swing.

 There is an outside patio area with a fire pit, lounge chair and table with an umbrella. There is a garden and a fence added to the edges. I stenciled the floor of the patio with a leaf pattern. It is above the kitchen and has a door into the pink bedroom.

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