Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Really hot here

My Huskies are really feeling the hot weather. They have two fans going which they love to lay in front of. They also have a swimming pool which they wil not go in but think of as their giant water bowl! Olivia and Daisy...

I made them some frozen "pup-scicles" which they loved.
I used silicone cupcake cups but anything will do that will hold the mixture -like empty yogurt cups. I had these ingredients on hand so this is what I used but lots of substitutions can be made or fruits added, like blueberries, bananas ec. I was thinking of trying canned pumpkin and canned salmon next!

One container of fruited yogurt mixed with a small amount of water
Milk bone - for center stick
Small spoons of peanut butter
You can add stuff like blueberries and peanuts too

spoon in a layer of yogurt, add milk bone treat standing in center
add small dollops of peanut butter
More yogurt to fill up
Put in freezer. 
If using silicone cups.
You will need to place them in a container 
so they to hold their shape in the freezer.

Hope your doggies enjoy!
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