Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's summer

Monday, the first day of summer the longest day of the year was a wonderful day. I am working on four paintings that will go together to become one. Each panel is long and narrow and represents a season. Kind of my own mythology is making up each one. I was working on winter. Each one will have it's own symbols: animals, birds, constellations, and a round object. So on the summer solstice, I started the summer one. Very exciting for me.

I finally chose a new camera and ordered it. It came today. It's amazingly great. Kilala and I went down to the lake so that she could swim and I took pictures and a movie! We also went on Monday and she swam and splashed and played as hard as she could for almost two hours. Just like a little kid. She was so incredibly happy. And where can you go to such a beautiful lake and there aren't any people? Wild and free!
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