Sunday, August 23, 2020

Make It-Bake It

 I've been making a lot  of washcloths lately. Mostly crochet but one knitted. I am thinking of attaching them together to make a throw blanket. Love the soft cotton yarn and the colors. 

I copied the style of a 1950's clothespin holder that had been my mother's and  used upcycled fabric from an old skirt and trim from rummage sales. I used the hanger from the original clothespin bag but a new one could easily be made.

Here's just two photos what I've been baking



Sunday, August 09, 2020

It's August

Color and textures vignette on my porch table.

At a sale I found a cookbook like one that my mother always had. I thought it was quite a wonderful find since I have none of my mother's cookbooks and only a couple recipes. Even though it's so old it is in great shape. It has a spiral binder even.

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