Friday, December 30, 2016

rat's ass stink bomb

The rat's ass stink bomb is rolling and picking up speed

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

What's New

We have a little snow and I hope it stays for the holidays. I have gotten out all my tons of vintage Christmas decorations and everything is pretty close to being set up. I have to be very careful  that all my goodies are completely out of reach of my ever growing puppy, Miss Olivia.

Vintage Lindy Lou has been very busy this month. I think I need a vacation-preferably someplace hot and sunny for LOTS of swimming.
I have been trying to list three items a day. Check out my Etsy shop. I also still have some unique vintage Christmas items too!

I have been making some decorations this week. I made a Christmas tree covered with vintage bulbs, santa, reindeer, candy canes, tinsel, and more. I didn't get a photo of it yet, but will in the next day or so.
Here are wreaths that I made today:

Happy Holidays from me and Miss Olivia!


Monday, November 07, 2016

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Vintage Halloween. BOO

Boo! Here is a start for Halloween, mostly vintage. I have more ideas new and vintage Halloween decorations, links to printables, party ideas, etc on my Pinterest board - Halloween Fun. I will  be adding lots more here and on Pinterest so check back for the gory details!

Scary Night
This is what I made. It's about six inches high. Everything on this hutch is made from something to become a miniature object, it even has a crystal ball, eyeballs,and spiders!
Monster Mash
Have a listen...
Vintage 1960's Halloween
Someone in my family but not saying whooo!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just thinking

Miss Olivia

Some thoughts for the day (after I get a bunch of pesky paperwork finished). One: Starting a husky club in my area with other Huskys and their parents. Kind of like a play group thing.
Two: Wouldn't it be fun to make a dollhouse? I am thing like a Mid Century Modern one. I saw this person's creations on Instagram
I mean like I wish my actual house looked like her miniatures!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Some shop news

New items at my Etsy shop Vintage Lindy Lou

Vintage Paper Baby Dolls in Vintage White washed Frames
Vintage 1940's California State Map Tablecloth
Vintage Glass Deer
Vintage Florida Souvenir Mug
1970's rare amber glass owl candle holder
Tiki Time!
Vintage Hawaiian Tiki Mug Tumbler - OMC Japan
Mid Century Bar ware Glass Set
Gorham silver plated unique fruit bowl
Retro Condiment Server
Colors of the Sea 1950's 4 strand choker necklace

Stop by Vintage Lindy Lou to see the whole vintage, Mid Century, Retro Collection.

Vegetables are getting picked and processed from the garden. Trying to swim and do pool exercises every day. As the nights are getting cooler so is the water.

Working on some paintings. Finished a couple. One went to a show.
Scar Tissue
Time of the Dragon Fly

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Doll Houses!

I just love these Mid century modern dollhouses and their furnishings. Wish my house had this furniture.

Can I live here?
1950's advertisement
georgia smith doll house
Smeg refrig and it's pink!
A whole little kitchen in my favorite color
Brinca Dada Emerson wood doll house Mid Century Modern
My favorite and it has lights.
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