Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Pink Bedroom-Cardboard Dollhouse

I started making the furniture from cardboard cut from boxes that I had saved from my kitchen. I found that some cardboard boxes were thicker than others and chose the thicker ones. Milk bone dog biscuits and club cracker boxes were good. I also used small boxes for shapes like little jewelry boxes and soap boxes. You'll be amazed what you'll find once you're looking. Then I glued parts together and taped with masking tape. Next came thin layers of papier mache.

I crocheted a rug from thin cotton yarn and also crocheted blankets for all the beds.
Paint came after they were all shaped. I then added details with a bottle of plastic paint, gems to decorate and beads for handles.

Had a little tough time with the posters/legs for the bed. They kept pulling away from the cardboard after they had been glued so I decided to use something flatter. Instead of sticks I used popscicle sticks to have a wider surface to adhere.

 Closet with opening doors and a pull out drawer.
Vanity with real mirror and pull out drawer. Stool is a plastic cap decoupaged with fabric.

More rooms to come...!

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