Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rambling On In March

March is here and it came in with a wimper. Breezy spring weather with sunshine (or rain!) and spring birds singing all day and frogs peeping all night. Planted seeds that have begun sprouting and for some reason have been gathering moss and pieces of this and that for terrariums. One and a half being finished. 

My little friend came over and made a leprechaun bottle of gold necklace and then a leprechaun trap.

My table decor with leprechaun size bottles of Guiness (straight from Ireland)

I have been busy participating in Treasury Blitzes on Etsy with a team that I belong to "TeamKitsch." This is one of my many Treasuries that I have created. The rules are to include one item from each participating member of the team and then select other shops from searching what ever my topic is for 16 pictures for that particular treasury. Here is one of my many treasuries titled: "Party Down"

This a mixed media painting I am working on.

Grand Daughter Zora coloring on her front door

My doggie Kilala

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