Friday, April 10, 2009

Day after Lornie's BDay

Me and my oldest brother Charles

I heard a couple of amusing stories on NPR this morning:

In France, some workers have been kidnapping their bosses. Since last month, managers have been held hostage at factories for up to 24 hours by workers who are angry over plans for layoffs.

Throw the CEO's to the crowd - a group of protesters attack the guy in Texas that stole billions of dollars. There's justice for you. Just like when that Daumer guy went to prison and the inmates decided what to do with him. Can't find the story on Npr to create the link but was an interesting thought with the crowd grilling him and screaming what the f__k.

Pill For Alcoholism May Also Dampen Urge To Steal

Also a recorded live concertat the 9:30 Club of Neko Case

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