Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Finally an update after all that's happened

Copper, sterling silver, crystal, tiger's eye pendant

I love how clear and beautiful the photographs are on Dooce.com. She has a Nikon D70 (I think) Very expensive camera but beautiful pictures.How could my camera take such crappy pictures? I thought that I had found the book for it but it turned out to have only a couple of pages of how to set it up and no other info just a thick book in many lanquages.I've slowly been working on my art journal and techniques for backgrounds and transfering images-no luck what so ever with inljet transfers - but I'm still trying. Can't wait until that Claudine Hellmuth's Collage book gets here. Amazon had it ready to ship last Thursday and the post office picked it up today -SIX DAYS! Then usually it gets lost in Warren-something-or-other Pennsylvania for DAYS! not unlike the Bermuda triangle and finally it will arrive at my house. I should just pay the freaking postage for faster shipping.

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