Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Items that might be of interest to others besides me

Here is a nostalgic web site: Food Timeline-- history notes: popular American foods by decade(1920-1980). Verry Inkterestting! It's amazing what people ate changed so much each decade especially in the 50's onward. Check out the 1960's SIGNATURE DISHES & POPULAR TRENDS.
Lots of fascinating explanations about the origins of recipes: examples: devil's food cake, chicken wings, Tang, and on and on. Just keep searching you'll find it.

At the 1964 World's Fair I am wondering what the designer for the food pavilion was thinking when he named it the "Festival of Gas" ?

Rhinestone Room Inspiration

An old man spent all his time decorating every spot of his house. This has been salvaged from the house when it was condemned/torn down and is now in a museum. And dang if I can't remember where I saw it. Maybe I came across it when I was trying to find N.C. Wyeth illustrations?

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my house is cuter than yours said...

Ohh! very cool! I love the food time line link!

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