Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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My interface design for the Cornell University Entomology web site redesign won! See it here and here.
Some notes about the design: 1. The menus are not hyperlinked to any pages (because only a design!) 2. The photograph next to the writing about the Entomology Dept. would change each time the page is refreshed. The photos would be of people in Entomology 3. Writing on the page is just "filler" to designate content areas 4. Since this is a design (versus an actual web page), it will download slowly from a slower speed connection than our high speed connection at Cornell

Now we'll see how badly our "computer support" geek can ruin it. I was excited because I could have it in my portfolio but who knows what he will do to it since he is so lame. Maybe I won't want my name on it.

Saying for the week: Better do it while you can.

Knitting update:
I am half finished with the back. It's been very hard to keep the pattern correct. I could have knitted the whole thing a couple of times over if I didn't have to keep taking it out and figure out what stitches I had dropped and messed up. Oh well, it's only a bus project.

Coming up next: Food and recipes. Feta / spinach strata. Hot fudge pudding cake. Post a comment for recipes. Later.

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martita said...

Congrats! It's about time you got some recognition for all that work. Looking forward to the strata.

Thanks for else am i supposed to waste time at work?

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