Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Self portrait

I'm participating in my first self portrait day that Misty Mawn has been doing. Actually the first art participation that I have done.

Beautiful day today. It's actually hot and not raining for a change. Been outside in my new little ankle support that fits inside a shoe. So much better than the Frankenstein walking cast. Hopefully I will get the pool worked on more this afternoon.

But now I'm taking a break from outside stuff to work on finishing two paintings and getting two new ones gessoed. Then back to the jewelry bench.

Still deciding if I can possibly make it walking around Grass Roots Festival and besides how can I go and not dance? Check out the schedule.

Courtship By Numbers - mixed media


Anonymous said...

Found you by way of Misty Mawn's self-portrait post. Cool sp! said...

thanks for that says so much about all of us, eh? glad to have found you from misty's blog.

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